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Prof. Yiannis Ventikos from UCL Undertakes Guest Professor of BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Qin Xiyao

Editor: News Center of BIT 

    On the morning of June 27,an appointment ceremony for guest professor  was held by School of Life Science of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) and professor Yiannis Ventikos from University College London(UCL) was appointed to be a guest professor. Deputy director of the Office of Human Resources Wang Haibo, dean of School of Life Science Luo Aiqin,vice dean of School of Life Science Tang Xiaoying,together with Yan Tianyi,Chen Duanduan,Gao Tianxin,three teachers of School of Life Science attended the ceremony.The ceremony was hosted by Xu Wei,vice dean of School of Life Science.

     Professor Luo Aiqin made a speech at the ceremony. Firstly,she extended sincere welcome to professor Ventikos and made a brief introduction of the international academic influence and scientific achievement of professor Ventikos.She pointed that ¡®open¡¯ is always the standard of BIT and BIT high values  the international communication and the construction of talent team.International academic communication and cooperation facilitate and enhance the scientific research level and quality of talents¡¯ cultivation.She hoped to regard the appointment as an opportunity, school can explore the ¡®bring in, go out¡¯ mechanism and promote the international development.

Professor Jin Haibo awarded the letter of appointment and the school badge to Professor Ventikos

      Professor Ventikos made a speech.He expressed his appreciation to be a member of School of Life Science of BIT and thanked for the approval of the school. He showed his willing to support the development of the school and subjects and expectation to exchange in-depth on scientific researches, cultivation and other aspects.

[Brief introduction of Professor Yiannis Ventikos]

      Professor Yiannis Ventikos is an internationally renowned expert with high academic influence in biomechanics, force biology and micro-nano simulation study. Professor Ventikos is mainly engaged in cross-scale and multidisciplinary research, integrating computational science, mechanics, biology and chemical methods into medicine and biology. His researches on Biology and Engineering have been published in many important journals, including Cell, Physics of Fluids, Physical Review,etc. Currently, Professor Ventikos works as Kennedy professor in UCL,chairman of Department of mechanical engineering, member of Engineering Department, member of UCL academic board; National Health Service (NHS) consultant; Many SCI periodicals associate editor-in-chief and editorial board; WCMC intracranial aneurysm related product R & D Consultant, the founder and director of First LightFusion Ltd (University of Oxford Production Research Company)