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Prof. Du Xiaoping of MS&T Makes Report in BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT   Bai Lige

Editor: News Center of BIT 

     In order to promote the communication and corporation in the field of talents cultivation with well-known universities, school of Mechanical Engineering invited professor Du Xiaoping of Missouri Uni. of Science and Technology to deliver a report titled ¡°Undergraduate Degree Program of Mechanical Engineering and Effective Teaching¡±. More than 20 professors from Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, School of Mechanical Engineering and other colleges attended the conference. Associate dean of school of Mechanical Engineering and professor Feng Huihua presided over the conference.

    Professor Du Xiaoping focused on education concept of Missouri Uni. of Science and Technology¡¯s undergraduate ¡°All for students¡±, introduced in great details about major courses of mechanical engineering, instructor evaluation system, mechanism of education rewarding and inspiration, contents and implementation of student evaluation of teaching. From his long-term exploration and personal experience, Prof. Du shared the methods of scientific research optimization, such as integration of engineering examples, attention knowledge integrations and structuring of education. He pointed out that since each instructor might have different instructing ideas and methods, they should find out the most suitable ones according to their own characteristics in order to accelerate personal teaching abilities. During the part of questioning and communication, Bai Yingchun, Hao Juan, Liu Haiou, Zhang Hu, Liang He and other professors discussed and communicated about the problems of effective conveying of professional knowledge, study progress tracking of school-company cooperating graduate projects, practice of junior teaching assistant system, relationship between fundamental research and innovation research, integration of undergraduate and graduates¡¯ course design. The atmosphere of the conference was warm and achieved perfect interaction and education result.

     After the conference, dean of school of Mechanical Engineering, Jiang Lan expressed his gratitude toward excellent report from Prof. Du Xiaoping, shared his experience and thoughts of education practice of interaction between instructors and students, ways to balance teaching and research, establishing ideas of teaching with honor. He also hoped that Prof. Du could keep focusing on and supporting the talents cultivation work of BIT, contribute to the construction of first-class specialities.

¡¾Relevant Introductions¡¿

    Du Xiaoping, distinguished professor of Missouri Uni. of Science and Technology. He works on the instruction and research of modern design methods, made outstanding contribution in the field of reliability and probability optimization design and his achievements are widely applied and quoted. He presides 7 projects of National Science Foundation of the U.S. and others, obtained about four million dollars¡¯ funds resent years. More than 100 journal articles and 60 conference papers of him are issued and he also established a new course called Engineering Probability Design. Thanks to his contributions on research and instruction, Prof. Du obtained several awards including Missouri Governor Excellence Education Award, and was elected as ASME fellow. Currently, Prof. Du is associate editor of Mechanical Design, editor of International journal Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, associate editor of the flagship journal of industry and systems engineering field, IISE Transactions and is the member of editorial board of three international journals including Engineering Optimization, International Journal of Reliability and Risk, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering.