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‐Lecture Hall of Hundred Schools/5th-Generation and loT academic by Prof.Wu Ke

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  On Jun.20th,2018, Professor Wu Ke from University of Montreal, fellow of Royal Academy of Sciences and Engineering Academy of Canada, IEEE Fellow, gave a academic report under the title of Parametric Tunability, Functional Controllability and Systematic Reconfigurability for Smart 5G Wireless and Internet of Things at Zhongguancun campus of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), which is the 80th ̄ Lecture Hall of Hundred Schools ̄held by Graduate School and School of Information and Electronics.




  An Jianping, Dean of the School of Information and Electronics, bestowed Professor Wu the certificate of^Lecture Hall ̄. Associate dean Si Liming presided over the reoprt. 150 audiences including Professor Lu Xin, Institute Center director of Millimeter wave and terahertz technology laboratory, and Professor Yang Xiaopeng from Institute of radar technology and other professors, graduates and doctoral students attended.






  Professor Wu Ke introduced the parameter tunable, function controllable and system reconfigurable technology applied in Smart 5G Wireless and Internet of Things. Professor Wu pointed out that the core technology in 5G Wireless and IoT is tenability, controllability and reconfigurability. He further introduced a series of technologies in achieving dynanmic adjustment within the range among microwave, millimeter waves and THz wave.Through comparison and analysis, he comprehensively evaluated all kinds of adjustment plans based on Machinery, heat, electricity and magnetism. Moreover, Prof, Wu emphasized his recent research about achieving electromagnetic wave adjustment with new materials including ferroelectrics and transition compounds. In the respects of loss performance and tuning effectiveness, he talked about discrete and distributed design techniques. In the end, he provided an outlook of the future Smart 5G Wireless and IoT.

  After the Q&AProfessor Wu emphasized the crucial status of electromagnetic field and microwave technology in future wireless communication and IoT, and he sincerely encouraged students to work on these fields.

  Brief introduction

  Wu Ke(1962.12-) academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and Engineering, IEEE Fellow, professor in university of Montreal. In 1982, graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology (now Southeast University) and received a bachelor degree. In September 1984 and October 1987 in Grenoble, France National Institute of Photoelectric, received master and doctor degree. 1990-1992, postdoctoral research fellow at the university of Victoria in Canada. 1992-1995 worked in university of Montreal as assistant professor, associate professor, professor. 1998 tenured professor. Professor Wu Ke has made outstanding contributions in electromagnetic field theory, circuit design method, radiation unit, device and CDA technology. He has published more than 1200 academic thesis, published and compiled more than 20 books or some of the chapters, owns more than 50 major inventions. He is the world's most prolific in the electronic and electrical engineering and there are many references to his works. Now he is the director of Canada's national radio frequency and microwave key laboratory, the world famous Poly real - Grames research center director, NSERC - huawei the future wireless technology industry research professor, state key laboratory of millimeter wave of Southeast University, director of the academic committee. At the same time, he also holds important positions in various international academic organizations and committees, such as the President of the 2012 IEEE international microwave conference and the chairman of the 2015-2016 IEEE international microwave theory and technology association (mtt-s).In 2001 received the national natural science foundation outstanding youth fund (class B), in 2002, he was employed by the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor (guest), in 2016 was elected chairman of the IEEE microwave theory and technology association (IEEE MTT C S President).